How the initial idea became an innovation: The history of ClinicAll

2002/2003 the first bed-side computer trolleys are set up

In 2002, clinics started to request a piece of furniture with an integrated Internet capable computer. Thus, the development of the first clinic bedside trolleys with a computer was started (right-hand picture) and presented for the first time in 2003. It was immediately clear to everyone involved that "this was the market of the future".

Continued development and fine-tuning

However, in order to perfect the system, relevant technical expertise and a certain investment volume was required. With support from partners who were excited by the idea, the vision slowly started to evolve. Thanks to a competent team consisting of programmers, technicians and engineers, the development was continued to include customized software and the sophisticated and flexible technology for the ClinicAll System.

Software solution in cooperation with Microsoft

The final software solution was developed in close cooperation with Microsoft especially for the requirements of clinics and is based on Windows 8.1®. It offers maximum flexibility, security and is extremely user-friendly. The integrated television, radio, Internet and telephone options provide communication and entertainment pure - with the touchscreen allowing for intuitive use..

From entertainment applications to networked hospital

Individual additional features from Service Call to digital patient health records can be added as required. Thus, unlike other products, the flexibility of the hardware and software mean that the system is future-proof and can be adapted to include new requirements and any other applications that are conceivable within the scope of increased networking in hospitals. ClinicAll benefits from immediate access to state-of-the-art developments in the software sector, not least from its close collaboration with Microsoft. Another unique selling point: the software can be maintained, checked and updated remotely from anywhere in the world.

2008 ClinicAll Vertriebs GmbH is founded in Germany

After six years of fine-tuning and intensive development work (see above), Frank Remih founded ClinicAll Vertriebs GmbH in Germany in 2008. ClinicAll has been successfully operating Infotainment systems in German hospitals ever since.

2010 ClinicAll International Corporation is founded

Based on the great amount of pent-up demand for bedside terminals in other European countries and the US, where only a small number of patient beds have multimedia systems, ClinicAll International Corporation was founded in the USA. For the time being, ClinicAll Vertriebs GmbH continued to exist as an independent company in Germany.

Seat and business address:

ClinicAll International Corporation

666 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017

2010 ClinicAll France S.A.S. is founded

ClinicAll France S.A.S. was founded as the first subsidiary of ClinicAll International Corporation in August 2010 with seat in Paris.

Seat and business address:

ClinicAll France S.A.S.

5 Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris

2011 ClinicAll Austria is founded

ClinicAll Austria GmbH was founded in 2011 and has already equipped an entire hospital belonging to a large Austrian insurance company with multimedia systems.

Seat and business address:

ClinicAll Austria GmbH
Am Euro Platz 2 / Gebäude G
A-1120 Wien

2011 ClinicAll Spain S.L.U. is founded

The foundation of ClinicAll Spain S.L.U. also took place in 2011 as part of the European market expansion course. This was followed by the first contract signed with a hospital in September 2011 for the complete equipment and full operation of ClinicAll Infotainment systems in that hospital. The second Spanish clinic on Ibiza went operational in April 2014. Furthermore, ClinicAll has just signed a contract with the Spanish PayTV provider Canal+ to use the program on the bedside terminals. Among other content, Canal+ has the TV rights for broadcasting football games in Spain.

Seat and business address:

ClinicAll Spain S.L.U.

Parc Bit, C./ Isaac Newton, Edif. Naorte Bloque A, Local 9
E - 07121 Palma de Mallorca

June 2012 Strategic alliance with Microsoft

A further milestone in the history of ClinicAll was the signing of a strategic alliance by the International Corporation and Microsoft in June 2012. This makes ClinicAll the only company that uses a visually adapted version of Windows 8.1® on its devices. Together with its partner Microsoft, ClinicAll is pursuing the goal of revolutionizing the market for bedside terminals.

August 2012 ClinicAll Swiss AG is founded

Another subsidiary, ClinicAll Swiss AG, has been operating in Switzerland since August 2012. At the beginning of 2013, ClinicAll Swiss AG equipped an entire well-known private clinic in Zurich.

Seat and business address:

ClinicAll Swiss AG

Rigistraße 3, 6300 Zug

2012/2013: Further innovative ClinicAll products become market-ready

It is part of ClinicAll’s philosophy to constantly optimize its products and to pro-actively push developments and innovations. Thus, further innovative products are brought to market to complement the flexibly usable multimedia systems with swivel arm for patient use:

ClinicAll owns all the patents on the CliniTec Box, which is a mobile entertainment system that can be used in any number of ways. The CliniTec Box is an integrated all-in-one device with an easily retractable multi-touchscreen instead of a swivel arm. Particularly innovative: the magnetic plug for maximum safety.

The ClinicAll Pocket Pad
This tablet PC was exclusively developed for hospitals in cooperation with the hardware manufacturer of ClinicAll. It was launched at medica 2013. The 7” Pocket Pad fits into any white coat pocket, is splash proof, easy to disinfect, rugged and can be used flexibly in many medical fields.

2013 ClinicAll Vertriebs GmbH becomes ClinicAll Germany GmbH

ClinicAll International took over all shares of ClinicAll Vertriebs GmbH, thus becoming an international company network with ClinicAll International as the holding company and national subsidiaries.

Seat and business address:

ClinicAll Germany GmbH

Hellersbergstraße 6, 41460 Neuss

Outlook – ClinicAll today: continually gaining ground internationally

Meanwhile, ClinicAll Infotainment systems are being used by patients in many countries. The feedback from patients and hospitals in Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland is highly positive and the number of users is increasing steadily.

ClinicAll currently has requests from the Board of Trade in six Federal States in America, alone. Furthermore, ClinicAll is steadily expanding its international presence. In countries such as Sweden and Denmark, distributors bring ClinicAll to market in a cost-efficient way. Intensive discussions with interested parties from the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are currently underway. ClinicAll has also received distributor inquiries from other Microsoft Gold partners in South America and South Africa.

ClinicAll GmbH  •  Am Euro Platz 2 / Gebäude G  •  A-1120 Wien
Telefon: +43 1 717 28-170