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Special offer: the ClinicAll System at a preferential price!

New York, 4 April 2016 - ClinicAll International (USA) brief

How many hospitals have state-of-the-art multimedia infotainment at their patients’ bedside?

How many already have a system in place that forms the basis for the profitable digitalization of their hospital’s entire procedures and processes?

How can a hospital enhance its image vis-à-vis patients whilst increasing the quality of treatment and cost efficiency all at the same time?

The ClinicAll System unites patient infotainment and digital hospital applications in one technically sophisticated bedside terminal with a high quality design. The system’s core is an innovative, expandable and future-oriented software based on Windows 8®.

Patients may use multimedia services like IPTV, pay TV, Internet, Video on Demand, VoIP telephony and accessing current news, online games, hospital information and many more.

In addition, individual hospital-specific applications such as digital meal ordering or efficient nurse calls can be integrated in the system, and it also offers direct access to the digital patient health record through any terminal. This allows medical and nursing workflows to be improved and thus generates significant cost savings.

Our network technology can be set up on existing cabling in the hospital. It enables devices to be installed simply and quickly without disruption. The software can be maintained, checked and updated remotely from anywhere in the world.

This ground-breaking technology is now on offer at a one-time only preferential price of EUR 1,350.00 at all participating distributors and subsidiaries. The price includes the basic entertainment package with a 15 inch terminal and mount, including software implementation, installation and commissioning. The offer is valid from 50 beds and is limited to 2,500 devices.

Don’t miss the digitalization mega-trend. Set the right course now. Invest in this cutting edge technology.

* Limited offer. All prices are subject to statutory VAT.
Purchase subject to the conclusion of a 5 year service agreement for an annual sum of 10% of the purchasing price.

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