04/2018: An event that sets the course: ClinicAll at conhIT

ClinicAll's newest digitalization solutions attracted great attention at conhIT – notably the new ClinicAll app. We were happy to welcome Dr. Georg Kippels, Member of the German Bundestag, at our booth.

conhIT2018 consolidates its position as Europe's leading healthcare IT event. This year, more than 10.000 participants attended the event – a new record. The number of exhibitors went up as well – from 501 in 2017 to 577 this year. Against this promising backdrop, ClinicAll was able to gain much attention by presenting two novelties:

First of all, the ClinicAll app, having the potential to replace traditional bedside terminals in many applications by giving patients access to several important hospital services on their own device.

In addition, ClinicAll teamed up with Spok, the leading U.S. provider for clinical communication. This cooperation has already borne fruit which was presented on a special live patient tour set up at the ClinicAll booth. We are offering a solution for seamless and simple communication between patients, the clinic, doctors and nurses – a product that attracted great attention at conhIT.

Amongst the visitors at the ClinicAll booth was Dr. Georg Kippels, Member of the German Bundestag and of the Commission for Health of the new German government, consisting of a total of 41 parliamentarians. All legislative proposals in the fields of healthcare are discussed in this group. The detailed and constructive talk with Mr. Kippels greatly helps us to better analyze the current position and targets of healthcare politics. The goal of this exchange of ideas is to improve our understanding of the needs of hospitals and patients especially in Germany and to offer perfectly tailored solutions for the upcoming digitalization.

We would like to thank Dr. Georg Kippels for the interest in our products during the visit.

04/2018: conhIT 2018 – Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe visits ClinicAll

The new commissioner of the German federal government for the interests of patients, Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe, took the opportunity to check out ClinicAll's digitalization solutions at conhIT 2018.

Since 11 April 2018, Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe is the new commissioner of the German federal government for the interests of patients. Thus, his visit at the ClinicAll booth at conhIT 2018 was one of his very first official acts, and we were happy to welcome him at our booth.

At the ClinicAll booth, two novelties are in focus this year: First, the ClinicAll App, available for iOS and Android. For the first time, this app allows to give patients access to hospital services on their own device. Thus, it is no longer paramount to place a bedside terminal in every hospital room, as patients can just as well bring their own device to the hospital to use these services.

The second important novelty is the collaboration between ClinicAll and Spok, the leader in clinical communication solutions. A six stage journey is set up for visitors at our booth to experience the new standard in patient experience.

Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe did not miss out on the opportunity to take this tour and get a detailed view on ClinicAll's solutions. The German government's current main focus is on the renewal and digitalization of the healthcare sector. On Tuesday, Jens Spahn, the new minister of health, opened conhIT. In his keynote speech he emphasized that the E-Health strategy of the German government shall be further strengthened under his leadership. Regarding the implementation of digital healthcare IT solutions, Germany still has to catch up with some other leading countries

We would like to thank Dr. Ralf Brauksiepe for the interest in our products during the visit.

04/2018: The new comfort class by ClinicAll

For you, for me, for everyone: The ClinicAll app - it is not only the patients who will love it!

Developed for iOS and Android, the new ClinicAll app lets previously unfulfilled wishes come true: as it gives the user full access to a wide range of services.We, at ClinicAll, have already been successful in specializing in modern digitalized solutions for clinics. This expertise has led to the idea of making all the possibilities offered by this new technology available directly to all users. Quite simply and uncomplicated on their own smartphone or tablet.

You are at the center of attention – the ClinicAll app makes sure of this.

Are you currently staying in hospital? Open the ClinicAll app on your smartphone and see how easy it is to use the TV, Internet, and call up all the information that your hospital makes available to you: Your treatment appointments, your next lunch. You can even use the app to control the room lighting or your bed! Your doctor and your hospital staff can give you information about upcoming doctor’s visits conveniently via push messages. And you can call your nurse via the ClinicAll app at any time - making all communication incredibly easy and uncomplicated!

Are you healthy again and have been able to leave the hospital? Keep the ClinicAll app on your smartphone and receive interesting news and information on the topics of health technology, ClinicAll, other affiliated clinics and cooperation partners.

Full patient service – on your own device

Operating the new ClinicAll app is amazingly simple: patients can download the app from their operating system’s App store. They will receive a personal access code for the respective hospital’s information services. Furthermore, hospital staff and doctors have all possibilities available to them to communicate with the patient: If, for example, upcoming doctor’s visits or treatment appointments are shown to the patient via push message, the medical staff sees a message on the room status display in the nurses’ office as soon as the patient has read the message.

Available now in the App store – discover all the benefits live at conhIT 2018:

Over recent months, ClinicAll has developed this ground-breaking new app which has now reached market maturity and has been released in the Android and iOS App stores. To date, no other supplier on the market has been able to realize an app for patients and clinics with a comparable range of features.

In order to install the app, just search through the App store for "ClinicAll App".

The new ClinicAll app will be shown to trade and industry representatives for the first time in our own virtual hospital set-up at conhIT 2018 – with own first applications.

"Bring your own device:" Download the app free of charge in advance from your App store ... and experience the wide range of opportunities available to you during a hospital stay live at our conhIT stand.

09/2017: German Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, visits ClinicAll headquarters in Neuss

Hermann Gröhe talks about the importance of new IT solutions and the demand for powerful software providers

In the run-up to the elections, German Minister of Health, Hermann Gröhe, took the opportunity to pay a personal visit to the headquarters of ClinicAll Germany GmbH on September 19th. He gave a speech entitled "The importance of IT and Digitalisation for the structure of healthcare going forward". One of the key messages underlined the fact that there is immense demand for really powerful software solutions, and that this poses a serious challenge even for major players in the industry.

ClinicAll invited special guests to attend the event, including hospital operators and decision-makers. Following the speech, there was opportunity for detailed questions regarding digitalization, and the future of clinic funding. At the end of the event there was room for discussions at an open buffet.

The quintessence of Mr. Gröhe’s statements as well as the discussion and one-on-one meetings is: There is huge demand from clinics for state-of-the-art digital solutions, and the government is prepared to launch large-scale financial support within the next few years. The ClinicAll solution addresses both the development of digitalization and the requisite funding.

We would like to say thank you to Mr. Hermann Gröhe as well as to all our other guests for having participated and we hope that everyone enjoyed our event.

09/2017: ClinicAll Pocket Pad 7"
Now is the time to get this innovative tablet PC for clinic use!

It fits into any white coat pocket and is perfectly suited to any clinic application. In contrast to almost every other tablet PC, the ClinicAll Pocket Pad has been specifically developed for the use in hospitals. Its 7” multitouch display produces a brilliant image while ensuring compact dimensions. The body is dust and splash proof according to IP54, able to stand up to all stresses in everyday clinic use.

The Pocket Pad features a full Windows Embedded operating system that can be easily connected to any HIS.

We are pleased to announce that the Pocket Pad 7" is now available at a particularly attractive price:

ClinicAll Pocket Pad: € 500,– net


› Learn more about the ClinicAll Pocket Pad

01/2017: ClinicAll eye tracking – a perfect solution also for home care applications

ClinicAll now also provides bedside terminals with eye tracking for patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, myasthenia, spastic, ALS or other neuromuscular illnesses that strongly affect their ability to move.

ClinicAll also supplies its bedside terminals to private users, for example, in cases where family members are long-term carers for their patients. Eye tracking can also provide incredible relief to certain patient groups as it enables communication and can really improve a patient’s comfort.

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12/2016: The ClinicAll News

The healthcare IT sector is currently facing radical changes. The much vaunted digitalization of hospitals has evolved from a future vision into a tangible task, resulting in operators and decision-makers of hospitals and rehabilitation centres now being in search for an optimal solution. As a supplier for clinic infotainment systems, we are standing at the forefront of this development – as every system decision brings with it a potential long-term, fruitful cooperation.

After concluding a contract with the Klinikum in Steinberg near Reutlingen / Southern Germany at the beginning of 2016, further hospitals in North Rhine-Westfalia and Spain opted for ClinicAll during this year. In addition, over 200 beds were equipped with ClinicAll terminals and a tailor-designed software solution in Riyadh / Saudi Arabia – with an option for up to 4,500 additional systems.

Actual trends and developments are reflected by the annual trade shows: This edition of ClinicAll News includes a comprehensive review of Medica, conhIT and Rehacare 2016. Very important for the future is also the new financing concept for hospitals that ClinicAll currently has developed together with a leasing bank partner. This concept will open up much needed new sources of revenue especially for German hospitals.

› Read the ClinicAll News Issue 2/2016 here!

06/2016: Ready for use: Custom-made software from ClinicAll for the largest hospital chain in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – ClinicAll has developed a special custom-made software solution for a premium customer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is now nearly “ready for use”. The hospital in Riyadh, the capital city and the economic center of Saudi Arabia, belongs to one of the largest private hospital chains of the country and has more than 200 beds. In coming years another 4,500 beds should follow throughout the entire Arab world.

The innovative software is used on the modern ClinicAll bedside terminals that are provided at every hospital bed, and is equipped with both English and Arabic language functions. In addition to a direct connection with the modern media world, including TV and multimedia, it makes it possible for patients to use all modern communications options like Skype or social media from Facebook through Twitter to Instagram, as well as providing direct online access via Internet Explorer.

Patients can also enjoy a huge variety of services, like e-services and complete room automation ranging from climate through light to bed control. Menu selection is also possible via the terminal. With the virtual tour, patients can inform themselves about all services of the hospital. Thanks to the integrated baby camera, happy parents can also watch their newborns happily kicking and sleeping in real-time.

With this innovation, ClinicAll has initiated another pioneering development that is unrivalled, not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in Europe. An extremely successful entry into the Arabian health care market with an annual investment volume of more than EUR 10 billion.

06/2016: Infotainment, medical care and health management:
Spanish private clinic relies on ClinicAll

Another international clinic has decided to rely on ClinicAll in future. ClinicAll will be equipping “Hospital Mesa del Castillo”, a highly renowned 66-bed private clinic with its system.

Hospital Mesa del Castillo is a privately managed health center with a 60-year history in Murcia, Spain. The clinic offers international patients holistic medical care at the highest level, using state-of-the-art surgical methods. It places great importance on the wellbeing and the comfort of its patients.

In order to achieve even more patient satisfaction, the clinic management has opted for the trend-setting ClinicAll system – not only because of the infotainment it offers, but also the possibilities of further development, especially with regard to the digital future of hospitals.

The clinic concluded a 10-year operator contract with ClinicAll with the option of realizing further milestones under this long-term cooperation. At first, an extensive infotainment package will be implemented when the project starts in October 2016; this will include TV, Canal+, radio and internet. The ClinicAll System will be connected to the clinic’s VOIP system.

This is not all, though: the plan is to incorporate clinical applications into the ClinicAll system as from May 2017 that can in turn be used from every bedside terminal. In 2018, the clinic intends to further integrate a special application for measuring cost savings in operational processes. Thus, the ClinicAll system will gradually become an indispensible tool for patient entertainment, medical care and health management.

Picture: Hospital Mesa del Castillo

03/2016: Digitalization in the hospital without high investment costs.
How does that work?

From electronic patient files to operating theater robots – digitalization has long since reached the health care industry. However, according to recent studies, only every fourth hospital in Germany (28%) has a strategy for encountering digital challenges. While digitalization is being advanced in hospitals, these institutions are wary of investment costs.

ClinicAll addresses this aspect with a clever strategy. “We want to offer hospitals the use of our innovative software on our bedside terminals without having to invest. We have therefore developed a special operator model, where the patient pays a fee for using the provided services, and the hospital has no costs”, the ClinicAll management explains. The ClinicAll System unites patient infotainment and digital hospital applications in one bedside terminal. Patients can use multimedia services like IPTV, pay TV, Internet, VoD, VoIP telephony, and access current news, weather forecasts, online games, clinic information, etc. This not only relieves the boredom of patients and makes their stay more pleasant, but also, in addition to the salutary psychological effect, provides relief to personnel, because patients are occupied and distracted.

Individual hospital applications can also be connected, extending to direct access to the digital patient file through any terminal. The core is innovative, expandable, and future-oriented software based on Windows 10®.

The terminals and software are set up “all inclusive” at no charge if ClinicAll is allowed to bill patients directly. There is no minimum utilization volume as sometimes requested by other providers. In addition to this, the hospital can connect its own medical applications, for example, soft touch nurse call, digital ordering of meals or access to the electronic patient health record and use these via the terminals. Service and maintenance are also included during the agreed term.

12/2015: Klinikum am Steinenberg: ClinicAll equips another acclaimed hospital

The Klinikum am Steinenberg is another top player in the German health care management industry to benefit from ClinicAll’s advanced technology. As a district hospital, the Klinikum am Steinenberg has a total of 550 planned beds and a wide range of medical and nursing care. Furthermore, the hospital offers extensive care in numerous specialist areas. The clinic is aware of what patients wish for today and is attuned to their future wishes; thus, the logical decision was made in favor of the groundbreaking ClinicAll solution.

The objective is to not only provide patients with more bedside convenience as well as improved medical care and supervision, but also to use digitally controlled workflows to establish processes that are more efficient in the long-term. Discussions to implement ClinicAll systems in other clinics in the group are on-going.

Collaboration has begun. In a first step at the beginning of 2016, 82 beds on the private ward will be equipped with the high quality ClinicAll bedside terminals with a 15” intuitive multi-touch display. The devices are wall-mounted at the bedside on a modern swivel arm and run on a software that has been developed for clinic use by ClinicAll. Thus providing patients with direct contact to the modern media world and a wide array of communication possibilities. IPTV, radio, Internet, entertainment via SKY, online weather, online games, Soft Nurse Call, webcam and a host of other services.

Other connections are also planned – such as convenient menu ordering directly via the device as well as Skype, the live communication service, allowing patients to keep in touch with family, friends and relations.

(Picture: © Klinikum am Steinenberg)

11/2015: First ever live presentation at MEDICA:
ClinicAll is one of the first to present real-time access to the digital patient health record at the bedside

The health system is set to go online. The potential to save costs, improve treatment quality and accelerate procedures and processes is vast and far from fully exploited as yet. Here, particular emphasis is placed on flexible access to patient health records, either via mobile tablet or directly at the patients’ bedside.

But who is able to deliver today what everybody will want tomorrow? ClinicAll is - and was one of the first on the German market to present its innovative software solution life at MEDICA 2015 for testing. By offering the possibility to experience live and directly on the spot what the entire sector is talking about, ClinicAll impressed the top healthcare decision-makers from more than 130 countries attending the trade show.

ClinicAll Software: sharing all data clinic-wide!

The ClinicAll software can do it: thanks to a wireless data connection, doctors have real-time access to the patients’ health records enabling them to check the patient’s health data at any time. The end devices offered by ClinicAll include a modern and flexible bedside terminal with an attractive design and a tablet that was developed especially for the healthcare sector – the ClinicAll Pocked Pad. MEDICA visitors were also offered the opportunity to test and scrutinize these end devices and find out how easy it is to check, share and process data.

The ClinicAll system is self-explanatory and intuitive and can be easily used via a touch screen. The bedside network connection also serves the patients, who can surf the internet, watch TV, listen to the radio – anything they want is possible with the user-friendly and versatile software.

Digital future at the patient's bedside: Easy and comfortable to use!

The top athlete and former national football player Nia Künzer also visited the ClinicAll stand and was impressed, stating she wished something like this had existed when she was a professional athlete. The world champion forecasts: “I believe everyone will want something like this. Probably it will take some time until it is available in all hospitals, but it is definitely the future”.

The news item with Nia Künzer was also broadcast on the German WDR Lokalzeit news program live from the ClinicAll stand.

Watch the WDR Lokalzeit video – and also visit us on facebook: Clinicall International!

11/2015: ClinicAll is partner of the „Technologie Allianz für Mensch und Medizin“ – a joint cooperation with market leaders of the healthcare sector

Exclusive live presentations at the ClinicAll booth – MEDICA 2015

This year’s Medica was a particularly successful occasion: Together with other partners from the "Technologie Allianz für Mensch und Medizin" – the Technology Alliance for Mankind and Medical Sector, ClinicAll showed the connected hospital live for the first time at our Medica stand.

Joint objective: To effectively promote the digital change in the healthcare sector and participate in technological progress. Healthcare processes shall be connected more closely and new medical data sources be used in everyday operations. This will simplify the workflow and any documentation tasks as well as reduce cost for hospitals. But above all, the main goal is to improve care quality.

"Klinische Arbeitsplatzsystem" KAS 4.x – the Clinical Workplace System

The main focus is on the Clinical Workplace System "KAS 4.x", an efficient tool to realise effective processes and help doctors to free up more time for their patient care. By using the interfaces of medical devices and central data management, all work processes within the clinic can be improved and made more flexible.

At this time, several applications are already tested: Life-saving vital sensors facilitate the continuous control of the patient's critical vital parameters both for acute and long-term diagnostics by using wireless connection to numerous medical devices. A locating system further helps to improve treatment processes as its sensors  help to keep track of the location of all medical devices, patients, paperwork. And an ultra-mobile patient data system provides fast and safe access to all current patient information.

The "Technologie-Allianz für Mensch und Medizin" at Medica 2015:

Prof. Dr. Kurt Marquardt, Area Manager of Group IT, Rhön Klinikum AG – Uniklinikum Gießen and Dr. Lohmann of Lohmann & Birkner Health Care Consulting GmbH reported live at the ClinicAll booth from the current developments.

11/2015: Highly regarded pulmonary clinic’s new comfort station in Hemer/Germany scores with ClinicAll terminals

Again, innovative technology of the hardware and software developer ClinicAll from Neuss/Germany finds its way into a German clinic with an exeptional international reputation.

By the end of September, the world-famous pulmonary hospital in Hemer celebrated the opening of its new flagship project, an ultramodern new building and invited interested visitors to a tour. In addition to a comfort station, a new intensive care unit as well as a station for artificial ventilation weaning have been built, leaving nothing to be desired in terms of furnishing and equipment. In addition to top quality flooring and furniture, also more than 30 new ClinicAll bedside terminals have been installed in the elaborately designed comfort station. Thanks to their Windows 8 based operating system, they offer patients in every bedroom a direct connection to the modern media world.

Thus, patients can benefit from television via IPTV, internet connection with a fully-fledged web browser, and may also access current news, weather forecasts, online games, clinic information and much more. This all sums up to a level of multimedia comfort that is currently unrivalled in German clinics.

The visitors attending the opening were able to get a first-hand live impression about the user friendliness of the terminals that can be controlled and operated in an easy and intuitive manner via their touchscreen. Their verdict was unanimously enthusiastic.

Yet in addition to the patient comfort, ClinicAll’s technology also benefits the clinic staff in many ways: e.g. a soft-nurse-call instead of an emergency alarm, the possibility to order food digitally and to access relevant patient files. All of these functions ensure fully synchronised help and support of patients during their entire medical therapy and treatment – not to mention the possible time and cost savings.

(Picture: © Lungenklinik Hemer)

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