ClinicAll App

The new ClinicAll App gives access to all services for patients and the hospital on Android and iOS devices.

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Clinic infotainment systems

TV, phone, Internet, HIS integration.

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Based on Microsoft Windows 8.

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ClinicAll Premium Entertainment

New Premium Entertainment Software for Android and iOS

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CliniTec box: The mobile terminal

The innovative bedside terminal without wall mount.

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CliniSleep bed system

The space-saving miracle for hospitals.

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Operation & financing

Operator, financing, leasing and purchase options.

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Hospital infotainment systems

ClinicAll paves the way to a modern, efficient, networked hospital

Patients want to be well taken care of. This includes medical care but also the possibility of using state-of-the-art information and entertainment services during their hospital stay. This is why ClinicAll perfected an infotainment solution that leaves nothing to be desired – for both patients and clinics. TV, Internet and phone are integrated within one sophisticated bedside terminal that is available directly at the patient’s bedside.

Our mobile bedside terminals that are housed in CliniTec boxes with state-of-the-art 15" touchscreens, our PocketPad tablet PC that fits in every doctor's or staff member's pocket, or a big 40" wall screen with full HD resolution – our systems offer amlost unlimited possibilities.

Strategic cooperation with Microsoft

In 2012, ClinicAll and Microsoft announced the launch of a strategic cooperation for the joint development of software solutions for the healthcare sector based on Windows 8. Our hardware is produced following exclusive ClinicAll specifications. This close collaboration with strong and reliable partners is a guarantee for the performance and successful future of ClinicAll bedside terminals.

Our hardware and software products aren’t stand-alone solutions that quickly become dated and don’t offer scope for any further developments; instead they are continually improved and adapted to the latest trends.

Entertainment: Improved patient comfort

  • Media – TV, radio, audio books, video on demand, Sky, etc.
  • Internet – including webaccess to many major email services, social networks, Skype, etc.
  • Phone – the touchscreen interface offers a large and clear dialpad.


Convenience for patients, sustainability for the clinic

TV, Internet, phone – these basic infotainment services are perfectly integrated within the ClinicAll bedside terminal. It offers a maximum of flexibility, diversion and user comfort – important factors for all patients. Operation is intuitive even for non-experienced users, thanks to the touchscreen interface and optional peripheral devices (phone, IR remote control, keyboard, input assistance for persons with limited mobility, etc.).

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